Welcome to the Party

Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash is taking place Nov. 2, 2013

20+ Bestselling Authors

Cover Models

A Live Band, debuting their CD

Naughty Santa and his helpers

Gift Wrapping

Bloggers Appreciation Breakfast (Have Breakfast with Authors) – Sponsored by Authors Renee, Carlino, Kailin Gow, Cassia Leo, Laurelin Paige, and CD Reiss

All taking place at the House of Blues Downtown Disney

Nov. 2, 2013

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Who are the Attending Authors so far?

~ Katie Ashley

~ Kahlen Aymes

~ Belinda Boring

~ K. Bromberg

~ Renee Carlino

~ Eve Carter

~ Gretchen de la O

~ Kailin Gow

~ Cassia Leo

~ RK Lilley

~ Raine Miller

~ Addison Moore

~ Tess Oliver

~ Laurelin Paige

~ Beverly Preston

~ CD Reiss

~ Kendall Ryan

~ Rebecca Shea

~ Lacey Weatherford

Get to Know the Authors Signing and the Models Attending


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